The group started in 1993 in Vilnius (Lithuania). The founder and the first leader was indispensable Ilya Vatkin.
Their debut album was released in 1997 under the title ‘The nights without sleep’ and stage musical performance  took place in Vilnius Russian Drama Theatre.
In 2002 Ilya Vatkin and group ‘Coupe’ began dense creative collaboration with the Rimsky – Korsakov Symphony Orchestra conducted by A.Sladkovsky (St. Petersburg, Russia).  The album “Going – on-till – lying”, the result of long and painstaking work ,was released in 2003.  The recording process lasted for a year. Scores of songs  for the new album were created in Germany. The band made a record in the studio of documentary films in St. Petersburg, a sound director was  Vladimir Ryabinkov. Record vocals and mixing were realized in Vilnius. This album was the first album in the world recorded with a symphony orchestra in the style “Chanson”.  Many of the songs were popular in various music collections in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
In 2004 the group shot a music video, -  the most expensive in the history of Lithuanian show business, – for the song ‘Blue smoke’.  The legendary Lithuanian film maker, ‘gold’ graduater of Cinematography Institute (Moscow, 1975) Algirdas Mikutenas filmed  this music video. The main parts in the movie were played by the legend of the Russian and Lithuanian theatre and a cinema actor  Regimantas Adomaitis and popular model Erika Stasiulevichute.
In 2006 Ilya Vatkin organized the first festival of Chanson in the Baltic states in which famous Chansoniers such as Katya Ogonyok, Mikhail Sheleg, Vladimir Chernyakov and also a celebrity of Lithuanian show business Povilas Meskela took part. In the same year a collection of the festival of Chanson was issued. Three songs such as “The Rain of Saint-Petersburgh”, “The Blue Smoke” and “Two White Swans” sung by Ilya Vatkin and “Coupe” group were included in this collection.
In 2007 Ilya Vatkin and “Coupe” group together with “A-Europe” group from Latvia and Evgeny Shur (a golden voice of Latvia) participated in an international charity concert tour named “Friendship”. This tour took place in Riga, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Grozny and Riga.
In 2008 an album “Going – on-till – lying” was reissued because of its high demand abroad. In the same year a production centre named “Timchuk” organized a joint concert of Ilya Vatkin, “Coupe” group and Yury Shatunov, a pop star of the 90th, in Grozny. This concert was a great success and collected a great amount of fans.
In 2009 a leader of the group Ilya Vatkin and a soloist of a pop group “Funky” Beata recorded a joint single named “You look as a Million”. It has become a hit for many years.
From 2007 till 2011 members of “Coupe” group thoroughly selected songs for their new album. Thousands of songs proposed by different authors were listened to. “For us lyrics and music must harmoniously supplement each other; they must have deep sense and they must be about eternal values. That is why any song of “Coupe” group is a piece of our history, our biography, the history of our generations” (“Coupe group”). It served as the main criterion of selection of the repertoire for a new album.

By the end of November 2012 a new album symbolically named “The Reminiscences of the Soul” will have been offered for sale.

In 2013, Ilya Vatkin and music group ”Kupe “ celebrated  20 years of his creative life , accompanied this round date of concert tour in the Baltic States , England, Germany , Ukraine and Belarus.

At the end of 2015 they planned to release a new solo album.

Music group «KUPE»